Lazy Summers

With work and other responsibilities, I always fear the summer coming and passing too quickly - especially in a climate where the summer comes late and ends too soon. So I take any day I can to do something. This day was spent driving to a provincial park with just my dog, and exploring for a few hours. There were only a few other people staying at the park (it was a Monday). Their presence was known only by the huge RVs parked in a few campgrounds near the trailhead. No people in sight. Maybe they were inside sleeping, maybe they were watching TV. I always wondered what people did inside their campers during the day. 

The trail was empty but it was sunny so it felt alive. Bugs were buzzing, the streams pleasantly running downhill under boardwalks I passed. When hiking without others it can be hard to find photos to take, but I felt inspired anyway. I decided to look closer at my surroundings, studying every interesting plant or blooming tree I saw. Trying to guess at what type of clouds were floating above me. All the while Jazzy happily trotting far ahead of me, in her own world-- probably filled with less sightseeing and much more smelling.

First Camp of Spring

It always feels so good to finally get out. Lose the stuffiness of a season indoors, feel the togetherness but also isolation of camping. Surrounded by families, barking dogs and strangers who've driven long ways.

Sunsets and Hikes at Middle Cove Beach

We took our new dog Jazzy to the beach for the first time. The sunshine was a familiar, almost forgotten feeling of warmth. There's always a moment after the coldest days of spring, where you find yourself thinking: yes this is summer. Today was that day.